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Improvisation Workshops

Improvisation is fun, creative and a great way to get to know your instrument and other musicians just like you! Nothing too hard - at our workshops, everything will be clearly explained, you'll learn the skills you need and soon you'll be jamming along in our friendly supportive environment.

Improvisation provides a valuable link between theory, harmony, aural training and playing your instrument. You'll understand more about music, be motivated and freshly inspired.

Do it! You'll go places you never dreamed possible!

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Improvise! Way to Go!

in Christchurch on 16, 17 July

Ron Ball Studio, Christchurch Town Hall

2pm - 5pm

Bookings closed

What participants are saying

I just loved every minute of the course. You are such an engaging and enthusiastic and diplomatic presenter!

As a beginner, and an old one at that, I was very hesitant to enrol, but you created such a welcoming and non- threatening environment that I was more than comfortable muddling through my mistake-ridden attempts. It was lots and lots of fun.

I will be following up all the information you sent through, and will definitely be a “returning guest” for your future courses.

Julie Hutton, flutist

I was very happy as this programme nurtured both beginners, intermediate players, and the more advanced. Cathy was so supportive of all of us and helped us determined by our skill and knowledge. I liked how she was always open to answer questions on the topics, and gave us guidance on how to improve.

See-am Thompson, violinist