Cathy Irons 

VIOLINIST: performer & teacher 

Music provides a space in which to

move and create.

There are no barriers or prejudices,

but a place for openness, honesty

and the freedom to be unique

Hi! I'm a violinist who enjoys performing music from classical to contemporary, collaborating with dancers, composers and artists, creating arrangements, improvising, recording and teaching.

If you have a dream, let's chase it.

Your dream

Nikau harp trio

Touring South Island, New Zealand in 2022

Helen Webby - harp

Cathy Irons - violin

Paul Lee - violincello

"a brilliant performance showcasing the glittering magic of harp and strings"

Details and bookings

Nikau is touring nationwide for Arts on Tour NZ in February 2023.

To enquire about the trio performing in your town, click on the button.

Arts on Tour NZ

Labyrinth in the Library

Violin Sonatina - John Emeleus

Artwork - Robyn Webster

Violin soloist - Cathy Irons

Choreography - Fleur de Thier

Videographer - Henri Shustak

The Classical Jazz Quartet

Vivaldi's Four Seasons arranged by Barry Brinson

Violin - Cathy Irons

Piano - Barry Brinson

Double bass - Michael Davis

Drums - Doug Brush

Collaboration with Defy Dance Academy

Excerpt from live performance of "Beauty"

Dancers - Georgia Trass, Emily Walker, Sarah Nurkka

Violin - Cathy Irons

Choreography - Cassidy Sykes

Beyond Humanity concert, raising funds for Christchurch City Mission 2021