Cathy Irons 

VIOLINIST: performer & teacher 

Music provides a space in which to move and create,

a place for openness, honesty and the freedom to be unique

Hi! I'm a violinist who enjoys performing music from classical to contemporary, collaborating with dancers, composers and artists, creating arrangements, improvising, recording and teaching.

If you have a dream, let's chase it.

Improvise! New Ways​ to Play

Here's our improvising group at our recent Christchurch workshop. Heaps of fun! We were thrilled with the way everyone got stuck right in, and the supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Come and join our next one in Blenheim! You won't regret it!

What the musicians said

I was very happy as this programme nurtured both beginners, intermediate players, and the more advanced. Cathy was so supportive of all of us and helped us determined by our skill and knowledge. I liked how she was always open to answer questions on the topics, and how to improve.

See-am Thompson, violinist